The Alley Cartel Family

Posted by Lorretta on Tue January 31, 2023.


How time flies by us!

Can you believe you are already in 2023? I can’t!

To me, the last year feels like a blur – it’s just swooshed by, like a car speeding past us on Main Road.

The more we leave home, the more we realize the power and currency that the word home has in our children’s lives. We will always strive to become your home-away-from-home while staying at our portfolio of properties.

Now is the time to reflect on the milestones and how far we’ve come; a moment to acknowledge what we’ve built. And what is still to follow under the “Alley Cartel” portfolio.

Enjoy the convenience of villa living with all the luxuries of a family home while on holiday. It is hard not to say yes to the lock-up-and-go lifestyle when you’ll never want to leave. This is the Alley Cartel luxury self-catering villa living. Always comfortable, always stylish, and always brave in our design choices.

This is why we would like to take the time and celebrate our “guests” who have made it all possible in our first year at La Maison On Main Villa in Paarl.

Our diverse network of guests keeps us connected to the world and motivated to continue serving the hospitality industry.

The people we’ve met along the way, our network of listings, and you as the readers. Like my grandfather used to say, it takes a village to raise a child. It takes an incredible amount of energy and patience to build a family-owned brand.

Alley Cartel – we are dedicated to showcasing the best self-catering family holiday homes with the best locations in and around Cape Town that forms part of our footprint. And the outings we as a family enjoy throughout the year.

Time is so precious, and we don’t always take the time to sit and think or discuss this. What is important to me as a mother, what do I want my kids to see and what do I want them to remember when I am no longer around to mold them? What do we leave behind as a legacy for our children and their children one day?

Each property under the Alley Cartel brand represents our love for old styles, new designs, and locations in and around Cape Town. Every self-catering property has its own signature design, and each item within that property has been handpicked by me.

Visual African Art throughout our portfolio of Villas. Art is a powerful tool that can be used to reflect the times, create conversations, and foster collaborations. Art in our daily lives is needed, now more than ever, because it is through art that we can make life a more livable and beautiful space.


My process is very easy…. It’s organic…. Everything and anything bring me inspiration. I usually don’t realize at the moment that what I am capturing with my camera will form part of my next design. It is often that only later I will start seeing a design form – literally and figuratively – from inspirational photos I have gathered over a period of time.   Historical design and old elements have always spoken to me and it forms a constant source of inspiration to me.

This is who we are, with many moving parts and a multitude of personalities mixed into one, forming the Alley Cartel Family.